Who We Are

John Parsons  (Director)

John has spent the past 30 years in the industry as a former Managing Director of HarperCollins and for many years a director of a publishing distribution company in Russia. He has a very creative mind and a passionate understanding of the media world

Who We Are

Stephanie St James  (Creative Director)

Stephanie is a PR Manager with 28 years experience in PR, marketing and advertising. She began her career in the broadcasting arena and was with the BBC for more than 6 years before moving on to Channel 4 TV and Sony. Stephanie helped to found RSVPR in 2009

Who We Are

James McRoss  (PR Account Manager)

James has 14 years experience as a PR industry practitioner. He has worked overseas for most of his career gaining extensive experience in the luxury goods sector working with brands such as Rolex, Audi, Land Rover, Porsche, Oyster and Sunreef Sailing Yachts

Who We Are

Maria Perez  (PR and S.M. Team Assistant)

Maria holds a Communication and Marketing degree from the University of Madrid. She has gained her knowledge of the industry by working for the past 5 years in the development of emerging brands in a Madrid based communications company. Maria works across all media platforms and has an ever growing database of contacts

Who We Are

Andrew Fairburn-Rey  (Designer and Head of S.M. Team)

Andrew holds an honours degree in Graphic Design from St Martins in London and has been providing branding and identity services solely in the advertising and marketing industry for the past 9 years. He has designed for some of the world’s best known luxury brands including Breitling, Mont Blanc, Volvo, Ralph Lauren, Boss and more

Who We Are

Charlotte-Elizabeth  (Linguist and Assistant Copywriter)

Charlotte-Elizabeth is currently studying for a degree in Criminal Psychology.  She is a fluent speaker in Spanish and English and has acquired an excellent command of the written languages. She works part-time at RSVPR

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